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 Envirologic Technologies Case Study

The Client

Envirologic Technologies


The Project

Envirologic Technologies is a regional environmental consulting firm with major municipal, commercial, and industrial clients. An entity, contemplating the purchase of a parcel of land where at one time a gas station had existed, retained Envirologic to conduct an environmental site assessment. Envirologic needed to know if underground fuel tanks were still present or had been removed from the site.


The Plan

Diamond’s detailed plan included the surveying of the entire site — if tanks were to be found, their location would be carefully mapped. By noninvasively mapping the presence of tanks prior to soil testing and excavation, the damage associated with tank rupture or hydrocarbon contamination of the ground and groundwater can be greatly reduced.


The Process

A Diamond engineer surveyed the entire 60,000 square-foot parcel in a grid pattern using a 400 mHz antenna designed to clearly identify underground objects such as storage tanks. By noninvasively mapping the presence of tanks or other underground objects, the client was able to greatly reduce the risk and expense associated with discovery during excavation or soil boring.


The Outcome

After five hours of scanning, three underground storage tanks were located. This allowed Envirologic
engineers to test the soil surrounding the tanks for contaminants — finding none, the tanks were safely
removed. “We at Envirologic regularly use the services of Diamond on sensitive jobs like this one,” said
David Stegink, project manager for the company. “Their professional know-how, equipment and trained
staff are some of the reasons we will continue to use them in the future.”

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