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Road and Bridge Sawing

Diamond has been performing road and bridge sawing since 1974. In fact, we have our own “highway division,” and the men and women of it have a cumulative 162 years of concrete-cutting experience. We are pre-qualified for road and bridge sawing in the state of Michigan, including N93C concrete sawing, we can service Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) work. Whether projects of 100,000 feet plus or smaller MDOT jobs as needed in Michigan, we welcome subcontract and prime subcontract work. 


​Capable of sawing concrete up to 32” thick with our deep saws, we can cut through box beam bridges, or deck and concrete beams from the top of the slab. Additionally, we can wall saw or wire saw bridges and columns, or use our horizontal curb saw to separate sidewalks and parapet walls flush to the deck. We also have extensive experience with patches, curb chops, brush block cuts, centerline cuts, and transverse cuts. 


Diamond is DBE Certified

As a woman-owned business, we are certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Our DBE certification is a way to level the playing field, making us a prime choice as a DBE subcontractor. We can meet all your DBE solicitation needs, and happily work as a DBE subcontractor of Michigan.

Interested in Our Services?

We’re happy to provide a quote. Use your preferred method below. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.


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Grand River Bridge Case Study

Diamond worked with Slagter Construction to replace a bridge barrier rail and concrete deck, as well as repair portions of the bridge’s steel structure while preventing any slurry or debris from falling into the river below.


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