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Slab Sawing

Fast, dust-free, and efficient, slab sawing cuts through concrete or asphalt slabs. Slab sawing also makes cutting out trenches for plumbing easy. Our experienced operators can handle concrete slab cutting and asphalt surfaces up to 32” thick.


Depending on the application, we use electric or diesel power, ensuring the most effective strategy for the job. Of course, we always use electric saws indoors or in confined spaces for safety reasons. From large, 32-inch deep saws to smaller saws for small and hard-to-reach areas, we make sure your job is done right.

We have decades of experience with airport runways, patch sawing, road repairs, parking lot repairs, floor trenching in basements for plumbing and electrical, and in a wide variety of markets, including commercial, industrial, health care, and nuclear power generation. Request a quote for more information.

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We’re happy to provide a quote. Use your preferred method below. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.


Related Resources

Ship Builder Case Study

Roy Anderson Corp sub-contracted Diamond to help Northrop Grumman Ship Systems improve their facility to handle the building of larger ships. Services rendered by Diamond included slab sawing the concrete and steel rail system necessary to move ship components around the yard during vessel construction.


Slab Sawing FAQs

How thick can you cut with slab sawing?

With slab sawing, we can cut surfaces up to 32 inches thick.


Do you remove and dispose of concrete?

Yes, we do remove and dispose of concrete off-site if needed.


How do you remove concrete?

We utilize an electric Sherpa with a vacuum pad to remove concrete. This is a safe and efficient way to remove heavy amounts of concrete. For larger projects, where access isn’t limited, we can utilize both a Sherpa and a Bobcat.


Do you pour back concrete?

Please speak with one of our estimators to point you in the right direction for pouring concrete back. 

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