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Core Drilling

Core drilling, commonly referred to as concrete core cutting or concrete core drilling, is most used for the installation of pipes, conduits, anchor bolts, bumper posts, or plumbing and sewer systems. Diamond core drills holes through cast-in-place concrete, hollow-core concrete, brick, block, and natural stone on walls, floors, and ceilings. Holes can range from a half inch to 54 inches in diameter and be any depth. For wider holes, consider our wire sawing service.   

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Core Drilling Applications
  • Drilling through holes and penetrations

  • Manhole openings

  • Deep hole drilling

  • Stitch coring for installing cable trays

  • Large openings for water drainage pipes and similar

Benefits of Core Drilling:​

  • Core drilling provides precise and accurate holes.

  • Preserves the integrity of surrounding structures.

Core Drilling In Action:
Marywood Case Study  Core Drilling
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husqvarna_prime_drill_system_1470x700x2 Core Drill.jpg
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Related Resources

Notre Dame Stadium Case Study

Diamond core drilling service was used to drill 230 holes around the perimeter of the football field at Notre Dame in order to anchor the wall surrounding the stands.


  • Can Robots break overhead concrete?
    Yes, they can break overhead concrete with demolition arms that reach 15’ high. They can reach even higher, using Hi-LOs and other supporting equipment as a base.
  • How long does a robot take to demolish concrete or other structures?
    Approximately 30,000 lbs of concrete can be demolished in an 8-10 hour shift.
  • What are the specs on your demolition robots?
    Brokk 90 Reach Up: 13 feet Reach Forward: 12 feet Width: 2.5 feet Height: 4 feet Weight: 2,200 lbs. ​ TDXR 270 Reach Up: 15.5 feet Reach Forward: 14.75 feet Width: 2.5 feet Height: 4.5 feet Weight: 3,900 lbs.

Core Drilling FAQ:

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