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Concrete Scarifying
and Grinding

For lowering sections of concrete floor, fixing uneven
sidewalks or driveways, or removing inches of
concrete to make floors or areas the same height.

cement scarifier.jpg
Benefits of Grinding and Scarifying

It can be more efficient, and less expensive, to scarify or grind down concrete versus removing slabs and repouring it. Concrete scarifying and grinding can be used to lower or smooth out concrete surfaces, including removing bumps, creating slopes or inclines, or making two uneven areas (i.e. sidewalks) meet. Scarifying can also be used to turn a section of concrete into a slip-resistant surface.

The Difference Between Scarifying and Grinding

  • Scarifiers cut and break up concrete, leaving behind a very rough surface. Scarifying is ideal when a Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) finish of 4-5 is needed (required for some coatings), or if 1/4 inch or more of concrete needs to be removed. 

  • Grinding does just what it says — wears down the concrete by grinding it. Concrete grinders are most commonly used to smooth out rough spots and even out high spots. Grinding produces smoother, more finished concrete, so is commonly done indoors.

Our grinding and scarifying equipment is best suited to small, concentrated areas of concrete. Depending on the job, we may be able to handle larger areas. Request a quote and we’ll let you know.

cement scarifier.jpg
Interested In Our Services?

We’re happy to provide a quote. Use your preferred method below. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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