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Curb Cutting

Our specially built curb-cutting machines are independently leveled and suspended, making it the most versatile and accurate curb-cutting equipment available, to cut curb heads off horizontally.

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Benefits of Curb Cutting
  • It’s the most efficient way to do a sidewalk curb cut, handicap ramp, driveway entrance, subdivision entrance, commercial or business entrance, or lower the curb for any other reason.

  • It's cost-effective

  • Saves time associated with full tear-out and replacement

Related Resources

Superior Asphalt Case Study

Superior Asphalt needed Diamond to cut over 140,000 linear feet of integral curb-head over a nine-mile stretch and saw an additional 30,000 feet of 10-inch thick concrete roadway in Mississippi. 


Curb Cutt IMG_20210617_084221607-1-scaled.jpg
Interested In Our Services?

We’re happy to provide a quote. Use your preferred method below. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

  • Can Robots break overhead concrete?
    Yes, they can break overhead concrete with demolition arms that reach 15’ high. They can reach even higher, using Hi-LOs and other supporting equipment as a base.
  • How long does a robot take to demolish concrete or other structures?
    Approximately 30,000 lbs of concrete can be demolished in an 8-10 hour shift.
  • What are the specs on your demolition robots?
    Brokk 90 Reach Up: 13 feet Reach Forward: 12 feet Width: 2.5 feet Height: 4 feet Weight: 2,200 lbs. ​ TDXR 270 Reach Up: 15.5 feet Reach Forward: 14.75 feet Width: 2.5 feet Height: 4.5 feet Weight: 3,900 lbs.

Curb Cutting FAQ:

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