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"I wanted to say thank you for the amazing work your men did at our store today!  We couldn't be happier with the results. It turned out fantastic. Thank you so much."  


Jeff Miner, General Manager 
Zellar's Party Store 
Timbers Inn Restaurant & Tavern | Z's Bar & Restaurant | Zellar's Party Store | 
Due North Catering, Summit & Great Northern Grille

"Your guys did an excellent job following through on this! Diamond even worked through the pouring rain. Everyone else packed up their stuff and left."


Casey Beglin
Assistant Project Manager
The Christman Company

"You guys did a great job and will definitely be hearing from us in the future." 


Brent Gritter
Thornview Electric Co. LLC

"I would like to thank everyone at Diamond from the Kalamazoo Office.  Everyone I have dealt with has been extremely helpful and the service was fantastic! Very accommodating and fit us in at the last minute!  Our building is a challenge on a good day so the work that was done was exceptional!"


Thank you again!!

Stacy J. Pelikan
IT & Security Officer, Kalamazoo County State Bank

"Each year Kent Companies recognizes a business whose partnership contributed to our success over the past year. Our intent is to share our appreciation with an outstanding organization whose efforts build long term value into our shared business relationship. Our nomination process involves a quantitative review of each candidate's performance over the past year as well as comments from our management team. Ultimately, a Kent Companies Business Partner of the Year is distinguished by efforts that advance the Four Hallmarks of our business: Safety, Productivity, Quality and Customer Service. Your team was recognized for your extensive range of services as well as ability to meet the demands of large scale projects. As one Vice President noted, your organization's ability to meet tight schedules is second to none. Congratulations to Diamond Concrete Sawing as a Kent Companies Business Partner of the Year."

Jeff VanderLaan
Chief Executive Officer, Kent Companies

"Your crew is precision, they're doing a great job and doing it so fast, I'm impressed..."

Rod Stewart
Project Superintendent, Rockford Construction

"I would like to say thank you to you and your company for a great job this morning. Your guy was on time and did a fantastic job. I really appreciate it."

Michael Knoper
Sensor Applications Specialist - Micro Industries, Inc.

"It has been a pleasure working with Diamond Concrete Sawing on the slot cutting project we just completed at the Center Hill Dam in Lancaster, TN. Your company's attention to detail was critical in assuring the success of this project. There were many hurdles to overcome due to the extensive amount of work taking place at the dam aside from the work under our contract. Coordination with the other contractors, as well as the Corps of Engineers, was a big part of your job and you met this challenge successfully. The wire sawing process is a very unique operation, one in which our company has very little experience; therefore, we relied on your expertise in the field, more than anything, in order to complete the project with flying colors. Your crew's knowledge of the wire sawing process was obvious, and we will definitely turn to you for any similar projects we have in the future. Again, thank you for your efforts, and good luck in the future."

Jason Goins, P.E.
A&K Construction, Inc.

"Our recent project at the Carters Re-regulation Dam consisted of sawing a bridge deck across the dam. Our subcontractor, Diamond Concrete Sawing, did and excellent job for us. They were able to schedule a crew and all the necessary equipment when we needed them. They finished a two week job in only four days, thoroughly cleaned everything and were gone on to the next job. The Army Corps of Engineers inspectors were pleased and surprised at their speed and efficiency. There was no corrective work to be performed. I would gladly use Diamond Concrete Sawing on any similar projects we may have in the future."

Roy Smith
Project Superintendent, Meco Builders, Inc.

"This was a major concrete removal project that had to be accomplished in a short period of time. The pipes were almost inaccessible, buried deep under very hard concrete. The detailed plan and the process that Diamond developed and followed provided us with the results we needed. We were very impressed with Diamond's planning, technical, and implementation capabilities. They did an exceptional job in the completion of this project."

Senior Project Manager
Nuclear Generating Station, North America

"We had a tough job ahead of us. There was no way we could hammer this building away without destroying the other building. Frankly, we called Diamond and gave them our problem. After meeting with us, they came back with a plan to solve our problem. The plan worked. The professionalism and skill that Diamond brought to the job was outstanding. Their people aligned with our on site people. They were real easy to work with and worked hard to meet all of our needs. They finished the job according to plan, schedule and budget. As a bonus, they solved another problem for us by horizontally cutting an old 40 foot long by 11 foot thick concrete footing. The whole project went like clockwork. Diamond's knowledge, quality, service and people were excellent. We could not have done it without them."

Brock Johnson
Vice President, Devere Construction

"The horizontal cuts they made were flush to the remaining sidewalk and in some situations that is not always easy to do. I was pleased with their work and will definitely contact them again when future opportunities arise where their expertise and equipment may be of use."

Mark Price
Project Manager, Slagter Construction

"None of the other concrete cutting companies I have used in the past have been as professional. Diamond came to my project with up to date equipment and knew what they were doing. They regularly beat our own internal production estimates, in some cases drilling twice as many holes in a given time period than we expected."

Jason Taylor
Project Manager, Roy Anderson Corp

"Quoting was fast and Diamond understood the scope of work being quoted. A lot of times contractors in their trade don't fully understand the work that needs to be performed. I look forward to bidding projects with Diamond again."

George Zorn
Estimator, Roy Anderson Corp

"This was a difficult job because of the lack of accessibility to normal concrete sawing equipment. In addition, we needed to bring these balconies down while protecting the building structure from any structural damage. Diamond came in, looked at the situation, and developed and carried out a plan that worked. Diamond brought not only professional know-how but professional people to the job. Their people knew what needed to be done and did it, within the plan specs. They also did it within the time that we had scheduled."

Ryan Leaser
Project Manager, American Village Builders

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