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Wire Sawing

Wire saw cutting (also known as concrete wire cutting and diamond wire sawing) is the most efficient way to remove large concrete structures or make openings in thick walls. There is virtually no limit in terms of sawing depth. Our innovative wire saws are used when space is limited, or the material is especially thick and time is of the essence.

Benefits of Wire Sawing

Wire sawing provides safe, clean cuts, and allows for non-percussive, vibration-free demolition in sensitive areas like power generating stations, hospitals and occupied buildings. Additionally, wire sawing is used on bridges, beams, piers, and anywhere the surrounding areas are vibration- and shock-sensitive.


With the ability to cut holes up to 8 feet in diameter at any depth, the potential savings in both concrete-breaking time and the cost of concrete removal can be immense.

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Related Resources

North American Nuclear Facility Case Study

One of the largest U.S. power companies relied on Diamond’s wire sawing and core drilling services to access and attach a 90 degree fitting to two 36 inch large pipes buried under nine feet of solid concrete.


Basic Electric Power Case Study

Basic Electric Power needed to install a new coal feeding system via an opening measuring 15.5 feet x 19.3 feet. Diamond was put to work wire sawing this opening through six feet of thick concrete floor.


Devere Construction Company Case Study

Devere Construction used Diamond’s wire sawing skills to help demolish a building joined to another building that was not to be damaged. The two structures shared seven, 50 feet tall, 3 feet thick concrete pillars. 


Wire Sawing FAQs

How deep can you cut with a wire saw?
We are able to cut out circular holes up to 8 feet in diameter at any depth, including any depth on walls.


Can you cut flush with a wire saw?
We have cut underground concrete pipes flush with existing structures, and at angles as well.


What is the biggest cut Diamond Concrete Sawing has ever made?
We have successfully cut 60 feet wide by 140 feet deep concrete at the Santeetlah Dam in North Carolina. 


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