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Project Case Studies

Read our case studies to see how we deliver results for our clients and meet their concrete-cutting needs.

Borgess Hospital

Limited access and accessibility called for Diamond’s robotic demolition to safely and effectively remove five concrete decks and balconies.

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Spartan Stadium at MSU

Over 7,000 linear feet were scanned with GPR at Michigan State University's Spartan Stadium to identify utilities before excavation for repairs.
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Envirologic Technologies

Ahead of a potential land purchase, Diamond’s GPR was leveraged to find if fuel tanks were still underground in a former gas station location.
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To preserve structural integrity and prevent damage ahead of mechanical changes at Pfizer’s Kalamazoo, MI pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, GPR located the reinforcing steel inside the walls. 
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American Electric Power (AEP)

Small groundwater leaks needed to be repaired at AEP’s Cook Nuclear power plant in Bridgman, MI. GPR was utilized to map all reinforcements and conduits to drawings as required by regulators before work could begin.
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North American Nuclear Facility

By wire sawing and core drilling Diamond provided one of the largest U.S. electric companies access to two 36-inch large pipes buried under 9 feet of solid concrete. 
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Basin Electric Power

For the installation of a new coal feeding system, Basic Electric Power put Diamond to work wire sawing an opening measuring 15.5 feet x 19.3 feet through six feet of concrete flooring.

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Devere Construction Company

When two structures shared seven concrete pillars that were 50 feet tall and three feet thick, Devere Construction used Diamond’s wire sawing skills to demolish one building without damaging the other.
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Grand River Bridge

Without letting any slurry or debris fall into the river below, Slagter Construction counted on Diamond to replace a bridge barrier rail and concrete deck, as well as repair portions of the bridge’s steel structure.
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Ship Builder

Diamond was subcontracted to help Northrop Grumman Ship Systems expand its Mississippi facility to handle increasingly larger builds. Diamond’s work required slab sawing 7,000 linear feet of concrete and steel rail system they used to move ship components around during construction and core drilling thousands of holes in only five days.
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Notre Dame Stadium

The wall surrounding the stands at Notre Dame Stadium needed to be anchored, which required 

Diamond to core drill 230 holes across two walls, 36 inches apart, around the perimeter of the football field.

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Superior Asphalt

Superior Asphalt pulled Diamond in to cut 140,000 linear feet of curb at a rate of 1,000 linear feet of curb per day to meet a tight schedule in Mississippi. Diamond also slab sawed 30,000 linear feet of 10-inch thick concrete roadway.
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Detroit International Airport

By slab sawing, green-cutting, joint widening, and beveling 86 linear miles of concrete,
Diamond helped The Walsh Group reconstruct and repair the taxiways and apron gate
areas at the airport’s McNamara Terminal.

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