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Concrete Cutting and
GPR-Locating in Traverse City.

We're just a phone call away to provide you with concrete-cutting and GPR-locating services in Traverse City, and surrounding areas. Our clients appreciate our focus on forging relationships with them based on doing what we promise. They also value our innovative processes, smart use of the latest equipment and technology, and our experienced, and knowledgeable operators.

Concrete Cutting & GPR-Locating Services.

img_0517_r ROB DEM Brokk.png
Robotic Demolition
GPR (002) GSSI.jpg
Ground Penetrating Radar & Locating Services
HC150-0040 Wall Sawing.jpg
Wall Sawing
Wire Sawing small photo.jpg
Wire Sawing
Road saw.jpg
Road And Bridge Sawing
Slab Sawing.jpg
Slab Sawing
HC450-0109 Core Drilling cropped for FB 3.jpg
Core Drilling
Curb Cutt IMG_20210617_084221607-1-scaled.jpg
Curb Cutting
cement scarifier_edited.jpg
Floor Grinding

Traverse City Service Hours

In Traverse City, we typically work first shift, Monday through Friday, but we know that doesn’t always get the job done or fit our client’s needs. Our team can also work second or third shift, weekends, and holidays. Let us know your scheduling needs and we’ll find a solution.

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Interested in Our Services?

We’re happy to provide a quote. Use your preferred method below. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.


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