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MSU Stadium Case Study

GPR was used to identify utilities at Michigan State University stadium ahead of a repair project. Over 7,000 linear feet was scanned within 5 days.


Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is the cleanest, safest, most effective way to do vertical concrete cutting. It’s most commonly used to create door and window openings in concrete. Despite the name, concrete wall sawing is not limited to walls — we use the same tools and techniques to make flush cuts into ceilings and floors. Anywhere we can install 1/2” anchors and mount our wall saw track, we can cut concrete with wall sawing.

The old ways of pneumatic concrete breaking are obsolete. With 24 inches of depth (for depths greater than 24”, we can wire saw), no overcuts, and flush results, this method of concrete wall cutting will not cause any structural damage.

Benefits of Wall Sawing

The biggest benefits of wall sawing is efficiency and accuracy. Both are gained through our methodology and our equipment. Both save you time and money, and help us meet your deadline.


There’s no external e-box on our wall saws. The controls are electronic and fully integrated, making the saws more compact and lighter. There are also less electrical interfaces and cables (no heavy hydraulic lines). With these features the saws are easier to set up, use, and transport, saving time on the job. The saws and the cutting depth can also be controlled via remote control, which improves accuracy and quality of the cuts.


We also utilize the Hilti Cut Assist, which equips tools for fully automated cutting. With the Hilti Cut Assist, cutting starts when the surface is detected, then continuously optimizes speed, gear and water flow, even when cutting through rebar. Cut Assist dramatically increases productivity, and creates time for other tasks.


Wall Sawing Applications

  • Cutting and extending openings in concrete walls and floors.

  • Precise demolition of walls and floors with low vibration (for sensitive areas or buildings).

  • Cutting through heavily reinforced concrete, synthetic and natural stone, brick and block, and other mineral-based materials.

  • Cutting in tight spaces and where access is difficult.

Interested in Our Services?

We’re happy to provide a quote. Use your preferred method below. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.


Wall Sawing FAQs

How deep can you cut with wall sawing?
From one side we can cut 24 inches deep. If we can access the other side, we can cut another 24 inches for a total of 48 inches. If deeper cuts are needed, we can use our wire saw, which can cut up to to a 96” inches (8 feet) in diameter.


How close to a wall, floor, or structure can you cut with wall sawing?
With wall sawing, we can cut flush to a wall, floor, or other structure.


How much room do operators need?
For most wall sawing we need a hole dug out 4 feet away from the wall and at least 1 foot outside of the perimeter cuts. This is for wall sawing egress windows, door openings, and other and anything else below grade level.


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