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Michigan State University
Stadium Case Study

The Client

Michigan State University on behalf of Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr, & Huber


The Project

Prior to excavation as a part of a repair project in front of historic Spartan Stadium at Michigan State University, the engineering staff needed to locate all utilities. In addition, they needed to know the depths of the utility lines in order to avoid unnecessary mid-project design changes and/or damages to existing utilities during the excavation process. After location and identification, all utilities were marked and transposed to engineering drawings provided by the client


The Plan

Diamond Subsurface Imaging developed a plan to survey the subsurface ground by using Ground Penetrating Radar — GPR SIR 20 systems, with Radan software and onsite 3D capabilities.


The Process

Over a 5 day period over 7000 linear feet of Subsurface imaging was performed by a Diamond GPR technician. Using a 400 mHz antenna and radio frequency locating equipment Diamond Located and verified the depth of all utilities in the scanned area.


The Outcome

By locating and verifying the depth of all utilities Diamond was able to deliver to FTC&H engineers
integrated mapping of all findings. According to John Lefevre, FTC&H project manager; “This is one of
many projects for which we’ve used Diamond Subsurface Imaging, as always they provided the high level results that we’ve come to expect from them.”

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