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The Benefits of Robotic Demolition

Advantages of Using Demolition Robots on Construction Sites

Robotics has been changing the workplace for decades now, and it will continue to do so as technology advances and develops. One area where robotics has made an impact is construction. Specifically, in the demolition of interior, selective and hazardous areas, robotic tools are replacing the back-breaking work of operator-held pneumatic and electric hammers.

Demolishing concrete is hard and dangerous work. Selective and interior concrete demolishing without damaging adjacent structures is even more difficult. The use of demolition robots is a safer, more efficient, and productive alternative to manual demolition of concrete and other material structures.

What is a Demolition Robot?

Demolition Robots are precision specialty demolition machines used in conjunction with or in place of cutting and coring demolition work to remove specific items with minimal impact to surrounding structures surgically.

Robotic Demolition machines are designed to use a variety of hydraulic and mechanical attachments for breaking, crushing, digging, drilling, and making openings. They are remarkably efficient for handling heavy debris, working in hazardous environments (the operator is linked by remote control), and working indoors or outdoors.

When to Use Robotic Demolition

  • When areas to be demolished cannot be accessed with breaker-equipped skid-steers or excavators

  • When areas to be demolished, have floor load, dust, vibration, and noise restrictions

  • To avoid toxic emissions in poorly ventilated work areas

  • When adjacent structures need to be protected

  • When the job could put workers at risk of injury

  • When time is of the essence

Advantages of Demolition Robots

All this with equipment that will fit through a man door, ride up a standard elevator or even climb stairs to get to the work area. Demolition robots can get nearly anywhere a human can.

  • Productivity—Husqvarna and Brokk demolition robots, while extremely compact, have a very high power to break ratio—breaking concrete at the same rate as equipment 4 to 5 times their size. And they do so in half-the-time. According to studies by Husqvarna, one robotic demolition machine and one operator equals the work of three same weight class excavators or 22 workers with handheld hydraulic breakers.

  • Efficiency —A 3,000-pound robot can break ten times its weight of typical reinforced concrete in a typical workday. Additionally, it can be used to break unsupported slabs of concrete stairs without the need for shoring—saving labor and materials cost.

  • Savings—Cuts costs in applications previously limited to large crews of operators with handheld equipment while reducing injuries.

  • Safety—The robots are operated with wireless remote controls, allowing operators to remain safe from the actual demolition area. The robots also reduce the incidence of same level or lower floor falls, falling debris, and inhaling dust. As well as repetitive stress injuries such as joint and nerve damage, loss of hearing and several others linked to long-term use of common handheld demolition tools.

  • Portability—Demolition robots can access confined spaces—fitting through a man door, riding up a standard elevator, or even climbing stairs to get to the work area. Demolition robots can get nearly anywhere a person can.

Quality Services

If you need Robotic Demolition Services, make sure to ask the following questions of the service providers you are considering:

  • How long have you been in business?

  • What is the brand of equipment you are using?

  • What is the training process for your operators?

  • How will you layout the plans for the demolition process?

  • What safety precautions will you take to prevent damage to adjacent areas?

  • What precautions will you take to avoid operator injury?

  • Do you have references?

Learn more about Robotic Demolition

Download the project case study featured below to read how Robotic Demolition has been used in actual applications.

Borgess Hospital

Demolish and remove five existing concrete decks and balconies from a building at the Hospital.

Grand Rapids | Kalamazoo | Lansing



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