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How to Properly Dispose of Old Concrete

How to Properly Dispose of Old Concrete

After concrete curb cutting and other notable construction work, a lot of concrete tends to accumulate on a site. Some projects may experience issues with getting rid of all the various debris after the work. We explain how to properly dispose of old concrete.

Use A Heavy-Duty Truck

Concrete is very heavy, which is why you want to use a heavy-duty pick-up truck when you transport it. Not only will a heavy-duty pick-up trick have the room for all the old concrete, but it will also have the ability to handle the added weight. If you decide to use a heavy-duty pick-up truck, you can get rid of the concrete yourself by driving it to a local landfill.

Rent A Dumpster

On construction sites, it’s common to see a large dumpster. Construction sites often rent a large dumpster so that they can dispose of any excess goods, including concrete. Like a pick-up truck, a dumpster is durable; however, a dumpster offers more room for large amounts of debris. Another benefit is that you can schedule how long you get to use it based on your construction project.

Consider Reusing It

You can do several things with the old concrete you obtain after a project. One of them is to reuse it for future projects. This option can save a project money, and it also benefits the environment. There are many ways you can reuse old concrete, such as laying paths, a driveway, build a firepit, and so much more.

Get Rid of It Online

Another option you have to get rid of old concrete is to offer it for free online. A good online outlet to list your old concrete is Craigslist because many people take advantage of old concrete for their own projects. If this fails, you can also leave the old concrete outside of your site and label it with a sign.


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