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Common Applications for Slab Sawing

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Common Applications for Slab Sawing

A slab saw is a large machine with a diamond blade attached to it. Alongside the tool itself, there is an experienced technician operating it from behind. Slab sawing is the best way to cut on horizontal surfaces such as concrete slabs, floors, street pavement, and bridge decks. These slab saw units are powered by gas, diesel, electric, or hydraulic motors. Find out the various applications used for slab sawing and how those applications can lead to many advantages. 

Common Applications

  • Can cut through reinforced concrete floors that are designed to prevent any structural damage 

  • Sidewalks and streets that are under construction 

  • Used to cut plumbing and electrical trenches into slabs 

  • Involved in structural foundation construction 

  • Utilized in selective demolition 

  • Brought in for street and road construction 

  • Used to cut expansion and control joints 

  • Improvements in residential and commercial projects 

  • Slab sawing can help expose a broken water pipe or if a sewer line needs repair 

  • For highways, a slab saw is used for cutting patches

As seen with the list above, a slab saw and its diamond blade are useful in numerous important construction projects completed year-round. 

Advantages of Concrete Slab Sawing

Many operators choose slab sawing as a method to cut these horizontal services because it’s far more efficient than jackhammering. Construction projects are also known for being extremely loud with those jackhammers, but slab sawing is the quieter method. Another advantage of slab sawing is that the cuts themselves are far more accurate and can make removal projects faster. This is a big deal, since it’s essential that projects stay on time and on budget. Construction requires the best tools possible, which is why concrete slab sawing is a popular option. If there is a project that could benefit from concrete removal in Grand Rapids, MI, Diamond Concrete Sawing can provide the project with high-quality technicians and equipment.

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