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Benefits of Concrete Slab Sawing

What is Slab Sawing?

Slab sawing is a fast, labor, and time-saving concrete and asphalt sawing solution.

A slab saw is a large, powerful walk-behind machine with a rotary diamond blade. It is operated by an experienced technician. It’s the best way to cut on horizontal surfaces such as concrete slabs, floors, street pavement, and bridge decks. The slab saw units are powered by gas, diesel, electric, or hydraulic motors.

Following are various slab sawing applications and their benefits

Common Applications

  • Cutting through reinforced concrete floors

  • Cutting sidewalks and streets that under construction

  • Cutting plumbing and electrical trenches into slabs

  • Cutting expansion and control joints

  • For highways, it is used for cutting patches, and lane separation demolition

  • Controlled demolition

  • Construction of structural foundations

  • Road and street repairs

Advantages of Concrete Slab Sawing

  • Slab saw cutting is far less messy and more efficient than jackhammering, which is also extremely loud. Slab sawing is quieter and leaves behind little or no mess.

  • Slab sawing cuts are far more accurate and makes concrete removal easier, which is essential for projects to stay on time and on budget.

  • Slab sawing avoids structural damage.

  • Slab sawing cuts through concrete or asphalt slabs fast, dust-free, and efficiently. Slab sawing also makes cutting out trenches for plumbing easy. An experienced operator can handle concrete slab cutting and asphalt surfaces up to 32” thick.

Before Cutting

Often there is metal rebar, wiring, and piping under the concrete to be sawed. It is dangerous to cut through concrete without knowing what’s below the visible surface.

A professional service provider will gather all available information before starting the cutting process. If information is not available and there is concern—a simple Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scan is recommended before starting to saw.

Quality Services

If you need Slab Sawing services, make sure to ask the following questions of the service providers you are considering:

  • How long have you been in business?

  • What is the brand of equipment you are using?

  • What is the training process for your operators?

  • How will you lay out the plans for the sawing process?

  • What safety precautions will you take to prevent damage to curbs and other concrete structures?

  • What precautions will you take to avoid operator injury?

  • How do you collect and dispose of slurry?

  • Do you have references?

Learn more about Slab Sawing

Download the project case study featured below to read how Slab Sawing has been used in actual applications.

Northrop Grumman Ship Systems

Sawing over 7,000 linear feet of concrete as deep as 24 inches thick. This sawing needed to be completed within five days at their shipyards in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Grand Rapids | Kalamazoo | Lansing



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