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All About Wall Sawing

What is Wall Sawing

Wall sawing, also called track sawing, generally used to create doors, windows, and other openings in concrete is the cleanest, safest, and most precise way to make vertical or horizontal cuts in concrete. Wall saws are mounted on a track anchored to the structural element being cut. During cutting, the saw moves along the track delivering a precise cut. Despite the name, concrete wall sawing is not limited to walls—the same tools and techniques are used to make flush cuts into ceilings and floors. Wall saws can create openings at any angle up to 24” from one side and 48” if cutting on both sides. Wall saws can also cut flush to floors, walls, and other adjoining surfaces.

Benefits of Wall Sawing

The main benefits of wall sawing are efficiency, cut accuracy, and safety. All are achieved through technology, equipment, and operator training and experience.

  • Efficiency—saves time and money

  • Accuracy—precise cuts—prevent do-overs.

  • Safety—the remote-controlled technology used protects the tech team performing the cuts.

  • Noise, dust, and debris reduction while keeping structural integrity.

  • Wall saws cut through concrete, masonry, block with rebar.

Use of Technology

Equipment technology and operator experience are essential for achieving efficiency, accuracy, and safety. Saws with fully integrated electronic controls, highly compact, and lighter are preferred over saws with external e-boxes. With integrated electronic controls, there are fewer electrical interfaces and cables (no heavy hydraulic lines). As a result, the saws are easier to set up, use, and transport, saving time on the job. And because the saws and the cutting depth are run via remote control, the accuracy and quality of cuts are vastly improved while operator safety is ensured. In addition, cut assist technology saws with fully automated cutting start to cut when it detects the surface, continuously adjusting speed, gear, and water flow, even when cutting through rebar.

Wall Sawing Applications

  • Precision cutting for creating openings in concrete walls and floors.

  • HVAC installations

  • Precise demolition of walls and floors with low vibration in sensitive areas or buildings.

  • Cutting through heavily reinforced concrete, synthetic and natural stone, brick and block, and other mineral-based materials.

  • Cutting in tight spaces and where access is difficult.

Quality Services

If you are looking for concrete sawing, cutting, drilling, or locating services, make sure to ask the following questions of the providers you are considering:

  • How long have you been in business?

  • What is the brand of equipment you are using?

  • What is the training process for your operators?

  • What precautions will you take to prevent damage to adjacent areas?

  • What precautions do you take to minimize crystalline silica dust?

  • What precautions will you take to avoid operator injury?

  • Are you OSHA certified?

  • What does your insurance cover in case of damage?

  • Referrals—request a list of completed jobs and contacts.

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