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Advantages of Using Demolition Robots on Construction Sites

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Advantages of Using Demolition Robots on Construction Sites

Robotics has been changing the workplace for decades now, and it will continue to do so as technology advances and develops. One area where robotics is beginning to make an impact is construction. Specifically in the areas of interior and selective demolition robotic tools are making headway, replacing the back breaking work of operating pneumatic and electric hammers by hand. Here are some advantages of using demolition robots on construction sites you should know about.


A huge benefit to using robots on construction sites is that it greatly increases safety. The robots are operated with wireless remote controls which allows the human operator to remain at a safe distance. Additionally, the robots save wear and tear on human body parts which reduces instances of repetitive injury and workers compensation risks.

More Efficient

Husqvarna and Brokk demolition robots, while extremely compact, as a general rule can break concrete at the same rate as equipment 4 to 5 times their size. A 3,000 pound machine in this class can break 10 times its weight of typical reinforced concrete. Additionally, it can be used to break unsupported slab or concrete stairs without the need for shoring.


All this with equipment that will fit through a man door, ride up a standard elevator or even climb stairs to get to the work area. Demolition robots can get nearly anywhere a human can.

Increased Productivity

Robotics is changing the way we work. In construction robots are saving time while reducing injuries and cost. For robotic demolition in Michigan contact Diamond Concrete Sawing for pricing and scheduling..

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