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Pfizer Case Study

The Client

Pfizer on behalf of CH2M Hill (Enterprise Spatial Solutions)


The Project

Core drilling of concrete walls, as a part of a project for mechanical penetrations, was planned for at Pfizer’s manufacturing facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan. However, prior to drilling, the project consultant, CH2M Hill, needed to locate the reinforcing steel inside the walls in order to preserve structural integrity and prevent damage to the site.


The Plan

Diamond Subsurface Imaging developed a plan to survey all of the wall sub-surfaces by using Ground Penetrating Radar—GPR SIR 20 systems, with Radan software and onsite 3D capabilities.


The Process

Diamond scanned 16 locations of 8” thick concrete walls on 4 different floors. A 2’x2’ area around each location was targeted to allow for core drilling location adjustments. Scans were completed using the 1500 mHz antenna (structure scan). Because of accessibility issues, 12 of the 16 locations had to be scanned using a lift operated by the Diamond Subsurface Imaging technician (MIOSHA certified operator). At each area, the actual locations of reinforcing steel were clearly identified and marked so that there would be no doubt as to their location.


The Outcome

By locating and verifying all of the steel reinforcement Diamond delivered to CH2M Hill a survey
indicating areas free of reinforcement where holes could be drilled. According to Mark Jackson,
CH2M Hill Project Manager, “Because Diamond had not performed a ground penetrating radar survey
for us directly in the past, it was important that we evaluated their work thoroughly before the project.
Diamond performed 16 radar surveys to locate reinforcing steel in an 8-inch
 thick concrete wall to
ensure that all the steel remained intact after core drilling. The radar surveys allowed the subsequent
core drilling to be completed successfully and all reinforcing steel was avoided. Diamond’s technicians
were professional throughout the project and their performance met all of our expectations. I have
recommended to Pfizer that Diamond should be contacted again should radar services be required
in the future.”

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