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Notre Dame Stadium
Case Study

The Client

Notre Dame Stadium on behalf of The Hagerman Group


The Project

Notre Dame Stadium underwent its latest round of renovation work involving the removal and replacement of a concrete wall around the perimeter of the football field. The wall was badly deteriorated and the stadium owners were concerned about the stands behind the wall giving way.

The Plan

In order to anchor the wall to the soils below 230 holes had to be drilled around the perimeter of the field, through a 36 inches wide tunnel and its interior wall directly under the stands.

The Process

Because the holes had to penetrate (2) walls 36 inches apart at a 35-degree angle to install the soil pins accuracy and consistency were important. Diamond ruled out the possibility of drilling 230 holes in the exterior wall and another 230 through the interior wall in a confined space. Instead Diamond employed 8-foot long drill bits 10" in diameter to complete both holes in one long pass.

The Outcome

The cutting and coring work was completed on time, within budget, and with a high level of safety throughout. Daily meetings were held to address any safety concerns and plan for the day's work. All employees were supplied with the necessary personal protective equipment and used several layers of clothing to combat the cold. Temperatures were between 15 and 20 degrees at night and all drills, hoses, and pumps used on the job were carefully drained and cleaned out to avoid damage from freezing conditions.

Geoff Day, Project Manager for Diamond reports: "Our guys went about the work very professionally, which gave The Hagerman Group, the General Contractor, great confidence in our abilities. We were very satisfied with the outcome and the representatives from Hagerman were very pleased."

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