Concrete Cutting in Muskegon, MI

Choose Diamond Concrete Sawing for concrete cutting in Muskegon, MI. Our equipment operators use the top cutting equipment in the industry and provide a whole host of services. Whether the job is big or small, our company goes above and beyond when it comes to our services. One way we do this is by using 110HP slab saws capable of cutting 32 inches deep. We also utilize wire saws to cut monolithic sections of concrete into manageable sizes for removal. We put an emphasis on the relationship between our clientele and our team to ensure that you receive the best service possible.    


Another recent innovation we’ve brought to Michigan is robotic demolition. This technology ensures our clients can quickly and safely break concrete in hard-to-reach areas without shoring. We employ a remote-controlled robot to perform the breaking and crushing processes. Additionally, our Husqvarna and BROKK robots are capable of riding up or down elevators, passing through three-foot-wide man doors and climbing stairs. These tools can break up to thousands of pounds of concrete, reducing or eliminating the need for manual labor.  

We understand that sometimes you need to complete work during off hours. To accommodate that, our offices are open Monday through Friday, and we offer services on weekends or holidays as well as during second and third shifts. 

A Company You Can Trust 

Since 1974, Diamond Concrete Sawing has helped clients maximize their work through top-rate cutting services. We’ve built a reputation for offering superior services at a moment’s notice and in demanding environments. We hold weekly safety meetings, and we’re highly flexible. We’re also experienced in highly regulated markets. Rest assured that you’ll be treated like family with Diamond Concrete Sawing. 

Concrete cutting is a major investment, and you’ll want to leave it to the right company. Make the sensible choice—contact Diamond Concrete Sawing today for concrete cutting in Muskegon, MI.