Concrete Cutting in Lansing, MI

Diamond Concrete Sawing is pleased to provide concrete cutting in Lansing, Michigan. At Diamond we emphasize the relationship between our clients and our team to bring you the best service regardless of job size. Our equipment operators are seasoned field professionals with a truck full of the industry’s best concrete cutting equipment.

In addition to the common services you’d expect from a concrete cutting company like electric slab sawing, core drilling and wall sawing, we have capabilities that exceed the everyday expectations. When our clients encounter thick concrete slab, thick concrete runways or thick concrete bridge deck with box beams, we have 110HP slab saws capable of cutting up to 32 inches deep. In situations where our clients have press basses or thick wall sections in excess of 24 inches, we can use our wire saws to cut monolithic sections of concrete into manageable piece sizes for removal.

One of the other innovations we bring to Lansing, Michigan is robotic demolition which allows our clients to quickly and safely break concrete in hard to reach areas or without shoring by employing a remote-controlled robot to do the breaking and crushing. We have robots from both BROKK and Husqvarna and they’re capable of passing through 3-foot-wide man doors, riding up or down elevators or climbing stairs. We can break tens of thousands of pounds of concrete with these tools where historically only men with jack hammers would fit.

Our offices are open Monday through Friday and we offer services during 2nd and 3rd shifts or on weekends or holidays. We understand that sometimes our work needs to be completed during off hours and we’re prepared to meet your scheduling needs.

 Proven knowledge, five decades of experience, immediate availability, safety, on-time completion and continuing innovation makes Diamond the sensible choice for concrete cutting services.

"It's not only what we do, but how we do it."

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