Concrete Cutting in Kalamazoo, MI

Kalamazoo is home to highly regulated industries like Pfizer, Zoetis, and Stryker, all with facilities that require concrete cutting in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Diamond Concrete Sawing is pleased to be the top choice for highly regulated facilities like these as well as others like Bronson Healthcare and Spectrum Health.

Our team puts an emphasis on meeting or exceeding the safety requirements in highly regulated markets. We have consistently had an experience modification rate (EMR) of less than 1.00 for nearly a decade. We take our employee’s and our client’s safety seriously and where possible have moved to remote controlled equipment rather than making inputs directly on the equipment in harm's way.

Additionally, at Diamond we value our client relationships and are committed to providing exceptional service regardless of the size of the job. We can provide assistance with thousands of feet of cutting or drilling a single hole. We use the latest equipment and have highly qualified equipment operators to make your jobs easier and safer.

Some of the concrete cutting services we can offer you in Kalamazoo, Michigan include sawing and drilling of any slab or wall structures, concrete removal, robotic demolition with BROKK robots, ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys for utilities, structural elements or voids.

For monolithic concrete structures we provide wire sawing services which will allow for the dissection of concrete structures thicker than 24 inches and provide you the ability to size pieces to match your lifting capacity. We use this equipment on press bases, for cutting raised concrete pads flush to existing floor and even for creating circular openings up to 11 feet in diameter.

 Proven knowledge, five decades of experience, immediate availability, safety, on-time completion and continuing innovation makes Diamond the sensible choice for concrete cutting services.

"It's not only what we do, but how we do it."

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