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Joe Louis Arena Case Study

The Client

Joe Louis Arena People Mover — City of Detroit


The Project

While conducting structural integrity testing on the parking ramp deck near the People Mover station at Joe Louis Arena, the home of the National Hockey League’s Detroit Red Wings, an electrical conduit was slightly damaged. The specific damaged conduit needed to be shut down without shutting down all the surrounding feeds which in effect would disable the entire Detroit People Mover.


The Plan

The challenge was to determine with pinpoint accuracy which conduit was the damaged one so it could be isolated and repaired without impacting the operation of Detroit’s People Mover.

The Process

Diamond surveyed the area in order to determine which of the conduits was damaged. Using GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) with 3D capability and Radan software technology, a Diamond engineer scanned the parking ramp area. The next day, Diamond provided a mapped-scan identifying the damaged conduit, showing its exact location and the control box it serviced


The Outcome

According to Jason Duda, General Foreman of Detroit Electrical Services, LLC (DES), the project’s
General Contractor, Diamond did a great job. “We completed the repairs and all went well at the
Joe Louis Arena,” he said. “The GPR device Diamond used found the conduit under the concrete.
This discovery saved the company a lot of time and money. Their prompt and professional service was
highly appreciated. In the future we will highly recommend Diamond to our clients.”

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