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Big Rock Nuclear Facility Case Study

The Client

Big Rock Nuclear Facility on behalf of MOTA Corporation and Consumer’s Energy


The Project

Consumers Energy’s Big Rock Point Nuclear Power Plant was the first commercial nuclear power plant constructed in Michigan and the fifth in the United States. When the company notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, that Big Rock would permanently cease operations, it needed to saw and remove the reactor vessel walls into 16 large blocks for removal by overhead crane. This was necessary in order to provide adequate room for the subsequent dismantlement and removal of the reactor vessel.

The Process

Diamond deployed a five-person team equipped with core drills and wire saws. In order to provide access for the diamond wire used to saw the reactor vessel walls several 4" holes needed to be core drilled over 25 feet vertical feet through the concrete. The team then proceeded to saw the reactor walls into 16 engineered blocks for removal. For environmental reasons, all the slurry generated during the sawing and drilling process was contained and disposed of appropriately, helping to reduce the environmental impact and cost associated with the radiological waste. After all the sawing was completed, Diamond's team prepared anchor holes and placed large capacity undercut anchors necessary to attach each piece to the crane for removal.


The Outcome

According to Greg Garlock with MOTA Corporation of South Carolina (the nuclear services company), who worked in conjunction with Consumers Energy, “Diamond performed the work as engineered, delivering concrete ready for removal on time and within budget. Diamond’s efficient management of the project, in a challenging environment, was key to its success.”

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