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Basin Electric Power
Case Study

The Client

Basin Electric Power Cooperative


The Project

Basin Electric Power needed to make improvements to its existing coal feed system located under a 200-ton coal storage silo. In order to install the new feed system an opening measuring 15.5 feet by 19.3 feet had to be cut through a six-foot thick concrete floor that separated the coal storage unit from the conveyors below. Additionally, Diamond had to section an 8-foot diameter 10-foot high steel tube filled with concrete for removal from the coal feed area. The client only had three weeks to cut and remove the concrete for the installation of the new feed system.

The Process

Before beginning the work, Diamond visited the site to collect aggregate samples to accurately determine the hardness of the concrete to be cut. Also, because of the conveyor system located below the floor it was not possible to shore the concrete and Diamond engineered a cutting sequence that allowed removal of the 21 pieces to begin at the center of the opening by overhead crane. Because the concrete could not be shored it was important that the cut sequence would allow the floor to support its own weight during the precision demolition process.  On average, each of the pieces cut weighed in at 13,000 pounds and Diamond placed all the anchors for lifting and removal.


The Outcome

Working 12-hour shifts, six days a week the Diamond five-man crew was able to complete the work ahead of schedule and on budget. According to Dick Schaffer, Project Manager for Basin Electric Power Cooperative, “There were no contractors in the Dakotas who could provide a workable solution to the challenge. Diamond’s representative visited, reviewed our needs and the work to be completed, and submitted a proposal that made sense. Then their team came and completed the job.”

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