Diamond Concrete Cutting


We know you often need immediate concrete cutting solutions or saw cutting services completed within budget and on time. We have the team, equipment, experience, and commitment necessary to deliver on all of that — and more. 


Whether the job is in Michigan, northern Indiana, northern Ohio, or somewhere else in the United States, count on Diamond to be your concrete cutter. We’ll leave the competition in the dust.

Our Services

Robotic Demolition


One of the safest and most versatile demolition tools on the market, it’s the best option when there are load restrictions on floors and space is confined.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)


The fastest, safest, easiest way to non-destructively locate and map targets inside concrete and/or soil before construction begins.

Wire Sawing


The ideal solution for removing large, thick sections of concrete or steel.

Wall Sawing


An excellent choice for creating precise openings in any concrete or masonry structure, or to make other vertical or horizontal cuts on a wall.

Road & Bridge Sawing

We have concrete cutting solutions, and are DBE certified to meet various road and bridge needs for municipalities,  including the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Slab Sawing

An extremely efficient process for cutting or modifying flat surfaces such as slab on grade (SOG), floors, bridge decks, concrete slab, or roadway.

Core Drilling

One of the most cost effective ways to create openings for pipe and conduit anywhere from 1/2 inch to 54 inches in diameter.

Curb Sawing

The Diamond curb cut system, independently leveled and suspended, is the most versatile and accurate curb-cutting process available.

Why Hire Diamond

DBE Certified

As a certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), we can be your reliable partner for federally funded MDOT projects. Doing business with us also means you’re supporting a woman-owned business.

Innovative Technology

We are widely recognized as a process and technology leader. Whether it’s our robotic demolition or Ground Penetrating Radar, we continually innovate to make concrete cutting faster and safer.

Superior Safety

Our EMR has been less than 1.00 since 2011, and we are one of the few concrete cutting companies where all operators are OSHA and CPR certified, providing customers with the assurance of a safe operational environment.

Extensive Experience

Established in 1974, our experience spans decades and industries, including highly regulated markets. Experience that we use to properly scope, estimate, and complete concrete cutting jobs for clients like you.

Industries Served

  • Commercial Construction and Architecture

  • Industrial Plants and Manufacturing Facilities

  • Civil and Structural Engineering

  • Infrastructure

  • Development Companies

  • Power Generation Facilities (Coal, Natural Gas, and Nuclear Power Plants)

  • Medical Facilities

  • Government & Municipalities

  • Residential