Diamond Concrete Sawing
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Diamond Concrete Sawing

"It's not only what we do, but how we do it."

Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is best used for removal of thick sections of concrete or steel. The diamond wire sawing process uses a multi-strand wire-cable with embedded industrial diamonds and uses a series of pulleys to guide the wire through the concrete. Wire sawing equipment can cut in any orientation and in any location. Because the wire sawing cable can be of virtually any length, cutting depth and width are unlimited. Since no structure or cross-section is too large to cut, wire sawing is used where other cutting methods are impractical. Wire sawing is ideal for removing large sections of heavily reinforced concrete such as bridge piers and columns, abutment walls, press bases, building/footing separation, and cutting concrete and steel in areas where work space is restricted. Diamond's wire sawing systems can even be used to cut precise circular openings through walls and floors ranging in diameter from 2 feet to 11 feet. 

Client Sites Served Frequently

  • Power Generation (Nuclear, Coal, and Hydroelectric Stations)
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Water Filtration and Waste Water Treatment Facilities
  • Bridge Construction or Rehabilitation